Belief System Alchemy Workbook


A Game Changer Workbook - Belief System Alchemy - Transmuting Limiting Beliefs, The Law of Attraction, The Law of Abundance

We all have limiting beliefs that we acquired from others. Now is the time to have a close look at them and transmute all limiting beliefs, that do not allow us to thrive, into unlimited ones.

We create our own reality, how many times have you heard that? Yes, we do. And we can create with the beliefs that we choose or the ones that someone else imprinted on us. It's our choice because our free will lies in our choices.

This is the time to heal. When you heal yourself you contribute for the collective healing.



When you download your printable sheets you will find 2 PDF files; One with printing crop marks, and one without. It's your choice which one to use.

a) Print the second page on the back of the first one.

b) Print the third page on both sides as many times as many sheets you want your book to have.

c) Fold all pages to make an A5 size book

d) Use the first page and the back of the cover for notes.

e) Use the page from the left to write your limiting beliefs. Without lying to yourself write a better belief that validates the unlimited belief you want to replace.


Limited belief: Money makes me a bad person.

Unlimited belief: It is safe for me to have money, money improves the quality of my life.

Look for proof of the unlimited belief in your life, if you don't have any create it with your emotions by feeling it as if you had it already, by using the Law of Attraction. 

Healing takes time, changing beliefs takes time. Keep going for at least 30 days. More if you can.

Everytime that you need to overcome the limiting beliefs look at your exercises.

If you find it too difficult to go from 8 to 80, go one small change at the time. Time will pass anyway and 1 year from now you will be grateful that you've started now.





We wish you a fast, deep and permanent healing.

Crystal Devine Alchemy Team